Wheels guide for a DIY electric longboard project


Wheels diameter

Longboard wheel diameter is measured in millimeters (mm). The lower the number, the smaller the wheel. Smaller wheels result in a slower ride, and larger wheels result in a faster one. If you want to commute quickly and smoothly, a big wheel longboard or cruiser is a good choice. Wheel diameter also affects how quickly you accelerate and how tightly you can turn.

Large wheels will accelerate slowly but will offer higher speed. Larger wheels also are more forgiveness on old pavements or damaged roads and will easily pass over small obstacles and small pebbles. This will also allow for more height under the board and thus prevent the batteries or the engine from striking the ground and damaging.

Longboard wheel size begins at around 54mm and can be upwards of 90mm and for this kind of project I would say that the higher diameter the better, but if you already have a complete setup and just want to convert it, use truck riser pads to raise the heigh of the board.

Wheels durometer

Durometer measures how hard your longboard wheels are. Generally speaking, harder wheels are faster, and softer wheels are slower but have better grip. Because of deck length and width, longboards require larger, softer wheels to provide the rider with stability, as opposed to shortboards, which use smaller, tougher wheels.

Durometer is commonly measured on a specific A scale, which goes from 1-100. The lower the number, the softer the wheel. Most longboard wheels fall between 75a-90a.

Here are some general guidelines for longboard wheel durometer:

  • 78a-87a: Designed for smooth rides, these soft wheels are good for rough surfaces and will easily roll over cracks and pebbles.
  • 88a-95a: Slightly harder and faster with a little less grip and you will feel rough surfaces a bit more.
  • 90a-99a: Nice speed and grip– an all-around good wheel. Great for smooth surfaces.


In order to avoid drilling holes in your wheels, I strongly recommend original “Abec11 Flywheels Longboard Wheels 83mm” or any “Flywheels” clone between 83mm and 97mm.

The flywheels wheels have a particular hub with vents that allow screws to pass for the pulley. There are also many models ready to print on Thingiverse for this type of wheel.


Wheels guide for a DIY electric longboard project

I would also recommend the Orangatang Kegel as they already include some holes in the hub wich make the pulley installation much easier than regular wheels.Wheels guide for a DIY electric longboard project

You can easily find these wheels at any online skate shop specialized in longboard and find some clones on eBay.

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