Wheel Pulleys and adaptors for Trampa Hypa & Superstar Hubs [V1 – Open Source]

Wheel Pulley For Trampa HYPA Hub - 72t HTD 5M

I designed hub adaptors top separate the wheel and the wheel pulley. I have currently one version for HYPA hubs and one for SUPERSTAR hubs. It’s a perfect fit, you have to push it on the hub screw holes and it’s very tight.

For a dual setup you will need:

  • 2 x Hub adaptor for HYPA or SUPERSTAR hubs
  • 2 x Wheel pulley 72 teeth HTD (good torque, high speed) 5M or 66 teeth HTD 5M (better torque, lower speed)
  • 12 x M4 60mm Socket Screws for HYPA hub or 10 x M4 50mm Socket Screws for SUPERSTAR Hub (the Nylock nuts provided with the hubs are reused)

Pulley printed in Alloy Nylon 910 – 30% infill and 6 layers Top/bottom/walls.
Adapter printer in Advanced PLA 100% infill.

Here are the printable files: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2944291

Please help me develop new parts and release them for free or just pay me a beer on http://paypal.me/supportp3x to say Hello and/or Thank you!

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