PEX Moutain Board Project #1 – Project startup

TRAMPA Mountainboard

I have a lot of fun with my current setup, but I am living in Canada (it’s pretty hard sometimes to go everywhere because of the sideways and the street bad conditions.) and Winter is coming! Because I want to ride on the snow and in any street of Montreal, I am working on a mountain board version, with dual motor setup and a higher battery capacity.

My requirements are:

  • A light and durable board with spring trucks
  • 200 mm tires able to go on the snow and to go on the dirt
  • 2 motors with more torque but capable of high speed
  • Be able to be attached to the board with ratchet bindings so I can have stronger brake and higher speed
  • Waterproof setup
  • Better wiring and enclosures, and so a cleaner build

I compared a lot of mountainboards and I choose to buy a 35º HOLYPRO TRAMPA – 690 BLACK MOUNTAINBOARD because all the reviews show the overall quality is very high, the board is very light and almost indestructible. It looks easy to add a pulley to the wheels hubs on this board as there are 6 spokes and I will be using the spokes’ screws to fix the pulleys to the hubs. The trucks anger is squared and again, it looks easy to create a motor mount for these.

The components I will use are:

I am waiting for all components, but as soon as I start building it, I will publish an update.

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    1. Salut Benoît le tutoriel est déjà en ligne (accessible depuis le menu: Tutorials > Electric Mountainboard) n’hésite pas à m’envoyer un message en commentaire pour toute question ou à me contacter directement! Tu vas t’éclater c’est un super projet 🙂

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