PEX Moutain Board Project #1 – Project startup

TRAMPA Mountainboard

I have a lot of fun with my current setup, but I am living in Canada (it’s pretty hard sometimes to go everywhere because of the sideways and the street bad conditions.) and Winter is coming! Because I want to ride on the snow and in any street of Montreal, I am working on a mountain board version, with dual motor setup and a higher battery capacity.

My requirements are:

  • A light and durable board with spring trucks
  • 200 mm tires able to go on the snow and to go on the dirt
  • 2 motors with more torque but capable of high speed
  • Be able to be attached to the board with ratchet bindings so I can have stronger brake and higher speed
  • Waterproof setup
  • Better wiring and enclosures, and so a cleaner build

I compared a lot of mountainboards and I choose to buy a 35º HOLYPRO TRAMPA – 690 BLACK MOUNTAINBOARD because all the reviews show the overall quality is very high, the board is very light and almost indestructible. It looks easy to add a pulley to the wheels hubs on this board as there are 6 spokes and I will be using the spokes’ screws to fix the pulleys to the hubs. The trucks anger is squared and again, it looks easy to create a motor mount for these.

The components I will use are:

I am waiting for all components, but as soon as I start building it, I will publish an update.

2 thoughts on “PEX Moutain Board Project #1 – Project startup”

  1. Salut j’aimerais bien voir ton projet. J’ai un maverix que j’aimerais modifier avec deux moteurs. Bien hate de discuter en détail.

  2. Salut Benoît le tutoriel est déjà en ligne (accessible depuis le menu: Tutorials > Electric Mountainboard) n’hésite pas à m’envoyer un message en commentaire pour toute question ou à me contacter directement! Tu vas t’éclater c’est un super projet 🙂

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