“PEX Board”, the most easy DIY electric longboard is live!

PEX Electric Skateboard

PEX board is an open source electric longboard project that everyone can build without any particular skills (excepting skateboarding basics).

This project was born because I have been building my own quadcopters for a few years now and I wanted to use my experience in this field to build another type of radio-controlled machine. I wanted to build something bigger than a drone while adapting the basic components of a radio control vehicle (motors, electronic speed controllers, receiver and radio transmitter and batteries.). Having done quite a lot of skateboarding in my teenage years, I quickly considered the feasibility of propelling skateboard thanks to the electronic components that I used to use. Having to find similar projects and the necessary components, I have to realize all the prototyping in 3D printing. I launched version 1 of my project “PEX Board” at the end of July 2017, and I now intend to realize a series of improvements and mods to propose different configurations and extend the possibilities of this open-source electric skateboard.

PEX Electric Skateboard

I among other things to make a waterproof version with larger off-road wheels for the winter. I live in Canada… and I don’t want to wait 6 months to ride 🙂

The fun part of the project is that you can print it if you want (by using your own 3D printer, by looking for local printers on 3Dhubs.com or by ordering me the parts directly.) you can build it without any soldering if you want and once you have sourced all the parts, it can be build and configurated in a weekend. I have published a tutorial to explain how to build it from A to Z.

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