Motor mounts for Trampa Vertigo Trucks [V3 – On request]

Motor mounts for Trampa Vertigo Trucks [V3 - On request]

Here is the latest version of my Motor mount for Trampa Vertigo / Ultimate Trucks with belt tensioner and motor/belt covers. I moved away from the cover approach and replace the multiple 1/4 inches threaded rods by one bigger M8 threaded rod with an additional stainless steel rod covering the threaded rods to protect the motors from the back or while I carry the board, and 1 on top, to protect the motors when it’s in a Bag.

Here is the version 3 (yellow) compared to version 2 (blue):

Motor mounts for Trampa Vertigo Trucks [V3 - On request]

More pictures to come when I will be done with the CNC!

Version History:

V1 – Deprecated

V2 – Functional – Open Source

V3 – Current


Please help me develop new parts and release them for free or just pay me a beer on to say Hello and/or Thank you!



3 thoughts on “Motor mounts for Trampa Vertigo Trucks [V3 – On request]”

  1. Hey I can sell the files to you but not give for free sorry. It’s a lot of work for me and I realized my first version for free. If you want to go cheap pick up the open source version.

  2. Hey, i would appreciate it a lot if i could get version 3 motor mount. I understand uploading designs for free while putting in time isnt exactly lucrative, but being in college you would saving me a lot of money to print or cnc your design rather than buying a motor mount. I have access to a CNC and all kinds of equipment at my university maybe i could help you out with testing and improving designs that way. Either way i do appreciate you uploading all the designs for free.

  3. I am providing all my files except for the most recent that I am selling for really cheap compared to a mount. If you have a CNC and don’t want to remunerate the people creating files, you can design your own.

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