Trucks guide for a DIY electric longboard project


What is a longboard truck ?

The trucks are the T-shaped pieces mount underside of the longboard deck and attach to the wheels. Every longboard requires two trucks, which can be measured by hanger width or axle width. Longboard trucks are different than standard skateboard trucks as the truck hangers are wider to accommodate a larger deck (most longboard trucks are either 150mm or 180mm).

Trucks guide for a DIY electric longboard projectEach truck is composed by:

  • 1 axle: runs through the hanger, the wheels are attached to it
  • 1 hanger: supports the axle
  • 1 kingpin: large bolt that connects the hanger to the baseplate and keeps everything together
  • 2 bushings: soft rings that are around the kingpin and allow the board to turn and pivot
  • 1 baseplate: mount  the truck to the deck

Longboard trucks feature softer bushings to allow for easy turning and maneuverability.

Truck riser

Raiser pads, or risers, are plastic pads that can be inserted into the truck baseplate and the deck to raise the overall height of the skateboard and add additional clearance for the batteries and motors. They are commonly used to avoid “wheel bite”, which occurs when the wheel rubs the skateboard deck during a turn that can suddenly stop the wheel’s motion. Soft material riser tends also to reduce vibration in addition to add some clearance between the deck and the floor.


Common shape

I recommend any 180mm trucks. Be careful of uncommon shapes of the hanger because it can be very painful to adapt a motor mount on it. A hanger with a diameter of 18-19mm with a round shape will allow you to adapt most of the motor mount. But round means also that the motor mount can slide on the axis more easily.

I am using a pair of Randal RII trucks but the Paris 180mm 50-degree truck (Randal clones) are very easy to find on eBay. Here is a clone that is perfect and the associated motor mount and pulleys.

Square axis 

These trucks might require custom mounting but I think that it eliminates any chance for the plate to slide on the axis, making the mount stiffer. The Caliber Trucks are very good for this purpose and are widely used for Electric Skateboard projects

Other options

Buy a truck and wheelset with motor hubs (so you don’t have to worry about mounting motors and finding the wheels!)

Trucks guide for a DIY electric longboard project

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