Battery Box / Enclosure for Electric Mountainboards

Battery Box - Electric Mountainboard - Wiring

I use a watertight camera case made by Pelican to protect my batteries. The box is a perfect fit for my Trampa board, there is plenty of room to bring multiple Lipo configurations and the wires.

During winter the material keeps the temp up and I have no problem with minus temp, as long as I start up right away after going out.

Here are the box and 3D printed parts I am using for my battery enclosure:

  • Pelican 1150 Box – INTERIOR (L x W x H): 8.29″ x 5.79″ x 3.75″ (21.1 x 14.7 x 9.5 cm)
  • Custom design / TPU Seal for the XT90 Key
  • Custom design / TPU Seal for the battery wires
  • 4 x Screws / Spacers / Nyloc Nuts (depending on the milling solution/size you choose)

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