3D Printing Services in Montreal / Canada

I offer affordable 3D printing services for electric skateboards or your custom projects in Montreal.

From printing to post-process operations (cleaning supports, sanding and coating the part), I provide a wide range of flexible services even on short deadlines.

If you have a found a model that your absolutely want to be printed or you have created a prototype and need a Proof of Concept, do not hesitate to ask me. I have multiple 3D printers with a wide range of materials and color (PLA, PLA+, TPU (flexible filament), Nylon, PETG…).


  1. You send me the model you want to print (.STL format)
  2. I review the file and if it’s printable I evaluate the cost
  3. I send you a quote with a description of the services provided
  4. You accept or reject it
  5. You pay by using Paypal if accepted
  6. I send you the part or you come for a local pick-up

I also have a good knowledge in 2D / 3D creation and I can assist you in the creation of your models or just for corrections/adjustments (mostly on Fusion 360 but I am knowledgeable on Skechup, TinkerCAD, Onshape).


  • File audit and review
  • Free quotes
  • Post-process operations
  • 3D modeling
  • Shipping to North America or internationally if you are outside Canada.

Send me a quote request here or use my service hubs:

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