DIY esk8 / e-MTB build logs and parts

Hey there, I build electric skateboards and electric mountainboards. If you are looking for build logs, tips, tutorials and custom motor mounts and parts, you are in the right place

Electric Skateboard [V1] – Simple build Tutorial & Parts

PEX Electric Skateboard

This is the most simple DIY e-Skateboard ever! If you are on a budget and want an entry level but performing setup, check this tutorial! Top Speed: 35km/h / Range: 20km

Budget: 350-500 USD

Electric Skateboard [V2] – Dual 200kv Motors + VESCs Tutorial & Parts

DIY esk8 / e-MTB build logs and parts

For the advanced builders, this is a great setup for a medium price. Top Speed: 55km/h / Range: 12km

Budget: 850-1000 USD

Electric Mountainboard [V1] – Dual 245kv Motors + Max6 ESC Tutorial & Parts

PEX - Electric mountainboard - Trampa Holypro - Dual 245kv EZRun Max6 ESC

This e-Mountainboard is a great setup: Fast, extremely reliable, powerful and Waterproof: it’s the perfect all season setup!

Budget: 1200-1500 USD

Electric Mountainboard [V2] – Dual 190kv sensorless + FOCBOX Tutorial & Parts (UPDATED)

DIY esk8 / e-MTB build logs and partsThe perfect setup. Can’t say anything else, If I could I would stay all day long on this board, shredding on all paths available.

Budget: 1500-2000 USD